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NDIS Services

Omegabooks Bookkeeping and Office Solutions is an NDIS registered provider, specialising in NDIS Plan Management. We are here to manage your NDIS funds on your behalf.
Our staff are professional, great listeners and ready to help!

We manage payments, claims and the administration of your NDIS budget. This give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on engaging the best supports and providers for your unique circumstances – and you don’t have to worry about providers being NDIS registered. You can use your favourite provider.

As plan managers we look after NDIS participants’ plans and ensure that all providers are paid within 3-5 days, that participants budgets are managed and that we treat all participants and their carers with respect and dignity. We give people the assistance and time they need to make the most of their plan.

If you are just starting on your journey as an NDIS participant, you can find helpful information here.
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